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Lightshot For Windows- Many screenshot tools combine so many comments that it is often difficult and hard to use. Especially when you are in a hurry and need to grab a screenshot quickly to show a friend or colleague.

Lightshot is a free screen capturing tool for Windows or Mac users that you can enter with one hotkey. Find out how light to use Lightshot is and all its editing points.

What Is Lightshot | Lightshot for windows

Lightshot is a free tool you can download on your computer to take picture screenshots immediately. It allows you to share the screenshots. Save them to your computer, edit them, upload them to the cloud, copy data. And so many other people.

The paper is perfect for students, employees, or entrepreneurs who need to save valuable information from their screens. Other forms are more general, but Lightshot provides a quick and easy option.

The software is absolutely free to down-load, and you can use it on Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera. However, there is no app for capturing screenshots on an Android or iPhone though.

Once installed on your computer, you will just have to use the picture screen background on your keyboard. And the form will open automatically.

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How to Install Lightshot | lightshot for windows

Top to the homepage of Lightshot and choose the specific version you did like to install. Once you decide to install the application, a setup file will be automatically downloaded on your computer.

Click on the settings file and allow the application to make modifications to your computer. Choose your native language and accept the terms and requirements.

Lightshot will automatically redirect you to a webpage describing how you can open and use their business. You will still need to click Close on your setup to end the installing method.

How to Take a Screenshot Using Lightshot

To start the program, press the function + Print Scr / PrtSC code on your keyboard in Windows or use the command + 9 for Mac, & your whole screen will go dark.

Your mouse will have a prompt to select an area, and you must click and drag the area you want to screenshot.

You’ll notice that your selected area will reveal your bright screen, so you’ll know exactly what you’re going to capture. A list of options will also appear at the bottom and side of your potential screenshot.

The icons at the back are where you will be ready to save or give your screenshot. You have the right to save the image to your computer, copy, share, print, search-related images. Or upload your image to the cloud.

All screenshots will save as a JPG file to your computer. But you can also copy the image and paste it into different platforms like Microsoft Paint. Printing the image will open up your printer environments.

Uploading your image to the cloud will give a link that, when clicked, will open up the image in a separate webpage. Sharing has opportunities for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

Lightshot Screenshot | lightshot for chrome

Lightshot blends seamlessly with Google Images and will give you similar-looking research results for the image you have captured. Take screenshots of any pictures that interest you. And then click the image of a similar picture to view similar images.

Before you decide how you had like to move forward. You can also edit the image handling the icons on the side of your screenshot.

Other Features of Lightshot

If you need to make your screenshot more clearer to your house. You can add lines, arrows, freehand drawings, rectangles, or books to make the screenshot and interesting.

You can always edit screenshots with a calendar like Microsoft Paint. But having these features at your fingertips does it still more enjoyable.

Combining lines will help maintain certain elements inside your screenshot. But there is only one size free. You can attach an unlimited number of files to your screenshot.

You can use signs to point out specific elements within the screenshot so your readers will be drawn to what you want them to notice. Just like the words, the signs are only available in one size, but you can change the colors of the signs and lines you add.

You bottle also draw your screenshot freehand with a pen or pen. The pen offers an especially fine point, while the brand has a thicker size, perfect for highlighting.

Lightshot automatically defaults the value to yellow when making the tag for easy highlighting on your screenshot.

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If you want to add cases to your screenshot, the rectangle tool enables you to add as many as you want. You can put special content inside cases to get it easier for your audience to notice. You can change the color and sum as many boxes as necessary.

The last point is the capability to add lines to your screenshot. The text, like other stories, only comes in one size, which is not always helpful if you are taking longer screenshots.

At times, the text can get lost among all the elements you took a screenshot of, and this is where changing the color will be healthy.

If you have made an error when choosing your screenshot. There is an undo button that allows you to transfer any of the markings you have done, and the large will meet the screenshot altogether. You won not be able to enter your screenshot over if you close it out.

Capture Easy Screenshots With Lightshot

Lightshot allows you to take screenshots at any time by just using a hotkey to start and run the form. You can save the image in a number of various ways or share it on social media.

Edit the screenshot to add weight on specific elements or add text for description. It does not matter if you are inquiring about a browser extension or want to use it on Mac or Windows. Lightshot is easy to use for anyone.

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