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MX player is the best video player for android devices. MX Player is the best well known, generally used and apparently the best video player for Android devices. But what makes it the best? This post will cover the top five features that get MX Player the best video player for Android.

1. Great Playback Features – Overview

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MX player can play almost any video file in being at now.
Produce video players usually support 3GPP, MPEG-4, and WebM video formats. Where MX player can play 10 different formats, including AVI, FLV, MKV, and MOV, those doing the most generally used file forms for videos.
Plus, if you have a game with decent tools and an SD card Class 6 or more important. You can use an MX player to play full HD videos.

MX Player also maintains hardware and software decoders. Hardware decoding can save the series and make the video load faster, but some forms may not be held by the hardware. In this case, the software decoding comes into play with the same player. It will use more battery, but the video feature will be much more useful. You can switch between the two while the video is playing, to see which suits you properly.

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2. Support For Subtitles (Any Language)

Sometimes you just need those subtitles because you don’t speak the language of the video. The video is too quiet, or you need any reason for that. It lets you manually search your local storage to find subtitle files and combine them in your video playback. If the video file in the subtitle file has the same name. And is in the same folder, the MX Player will automatically add it manually.

3. Audio Boost

If the software decoder for video is enabled, its volume can be increased up to 200%, so you no longer have to pay really hard attention to the cool video. It is not recommended to use this feature often, but it can damage your speakers.

4. Streaming Online Videos

MX Player not only allows you to play files from your local storage, but it can also stream video files from the Internet or your local file server. It starts automatically when a video link in the browser is clicked on the great playback feature, so you don’t even have to configure anything.

5. Swipe Gestures

mx player

The MX Player has a swipe gesture that is very useful when playing a video. If you swipe up or down using a finger on the left side of the screen, the brightness of the screen will go up or down accordingly. If you swipe to the right of the screen, the volume will change. Swipe up or down with two fingers changes the speed of video playback, where swiping left or right using one finger can be used to search through video. These swipe gestures are very useful for video playback and are very well done on the MX-player.


MX Player has lots of helpful and powerful unique features that make it one of the best media players on Android. All of this, of course, is a matter of personal preference, although remembering this knowledge can help you lean more towards MX players in the future.

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