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Pinterest App- Pinterest is a social website, wherever you container collects & share pictures of anything interesting. You can visually explore new businesses by scanning the collections of other Pinterest users. Here is how to get started using this unique creative social sharing tool. You’ve probably heard that people are passionate about Pinterest, so you’re interested in what it is and how to use it. If you feel reluctant to ask for help, PCMag is here to clear up any confusion. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you’re here. Probably.

Pinterest is a deeply visual practical pinboard section that lets you “pin” or receives images from the web. A board to help you describe your photos and add information to remind you why you bookmarked them in the first section.

When people hear Pinterest, they often associate it with recipes, wedding dresses and braids (e.g. women: some studies have shown that up to percent of Pinterest users are women). It’s true that many Pinners use the site to gather inspiration in this area, but the social site is flooded with teachers, universities, designers, airlines, nonprofits, businesses, real property agents and news breaks that have explored other ways to use Pinterest.

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1. Join Pinterest Account

Go to and click Join Pinterest. It will ask you to join by connecting with Facebook or Twitter, but the third option allows you to sign up using your email address. To connect with Facebook, you need to allow the app to access your basic information, email address, birthdays and preferences. This allows the app to post activity on your behalf, although you can decide if your PINs will be re-posted on Facebook.

It automatically imports your Facebook photos; You can then create a username and password. Here you can uncheck or leave two checked boxes: “Follow suggested friends” & “Publish activity in the Facebook timeline.”

Pinterest App | pinterest search

By connecting to Twitter, you allow the app to read tweets from your timeline, whom you follow and new people follow, update your profile and post tweets for you. Not cool with these terms? Just sign up with your email and dive yourself. Some more questions like your gender will be asked since this information was not imported from an existing social media account. Upload a profile photo and move on.

2. Follow Some Boards | Pinterest App

Once you have your account, you need to find interesting boards to fill your feed. Pinterest starts with some tips for you. Geek, Science and Nature, and Technology among others, and then check at least five boards to continue.

These boards are just for you to walk on. You will find other boards to follow when you navigate the site. For more recommendations, see PCMag’s preferences for technology boards to follow on Pinterest. Note that most accounts have multiple boards, so if you follow one account you automatically follow all its boards. You can also follow certain boards and stop following aboard at any time without notifying the account.

3. Verify Your Pinterest Account

After selecting some boards you will receive an email confirmation.

Once you’ve verified your account, the next screen you’ll see is your Home Feed, which shows the most recent PINs from people you follow. The more users or boards you follow, the more content will be launched.

4. Adjust Settings | Pinterest App

Mouse over your photo in the drop-down menu in the top right corner and click Settings. Here you can update basic information, opt-out of email notifications, and disconnect or disconnect your Facebook or Twitter account.

5. Create Your Own Boards

You will need to create a board to collect and organize the items you are interested in. To do this, click your boards in the drop-down menu at the top right, then click Create a Board. Home, Readable, Favorite Places and Places and Recipes. You may want to get more specific with gluten-free desserts, home office designs, birthday gifts for kids, or iPhone apps like I like.

Once you have created a board you can pin items on it. You can also invite others to pin on your board by clicking the edit board above, but you must follow the user or enter their corresponding email address to do so.

You have the option of creating a secret board. Everything you pin on this board is only visible to you and those you invite; If you don’t want to confuse your new boyfriend by pinning your favourite wedding dress, or spoiling your wife’s birthday sparkle by pinning gift ideas, flip this switch to personalize the board.

6. Get Pinning

Congratulations on making it so far, now you’re ready to pin! You can view the PINs of those you follow in your Home Feed (accessible by clicking on the Pinterest logo at the top of the screen), or search more specifically by selecting a section from the drop-down menu at the top left of the screen next to the search bar. Speaking of the search bar, you can also find a board, pin or piner by entering a keyword there.

When you see a picture that you want to pin, just hover over it and click the red pin brick button that appears in the top left corner. You will be asked to nominate it to one of your boards and add a description. Clicking on the image elsewhere makes it bigger. This helpful video has more information on how to rearrange.

There will probably come a time in your pinning career when you want every image on the web – not just Pinterest images – to have a pin brick button. Okay, they sort of. Many sites like PCMag have a pin brick widget on most of their pages to make it easy for you to pin content, but you can install and use the pin brick bookmarklet in your own browser.

Finally, you can upload your own PIN. Say you have a picture of a great dinner you made or a great computer mode you made; View your PIN page and click the “Add a PIN” plus button. Here you can upload your picture, pick its board and add a description. Others can then recreate your image.

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