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PUBG Update – PUBG All The Latest Updates are available today article. If you are a PUBG player, I think it helps you a lot of knows all about. Before knowing all updates, you have to know what is PUBG? Let’s go to know about, what is PUBG.

What Is Pubg?

PUBG is the best online game at present. Globally it has 10 million daily active users. It’s crossed all over the record. All classes of people daily played this game. Its popularity increased day by day. Today I will discuss in detail PUBG all the latest updates. So, if you want to learn about PUBG all the latest updates, read our article.

What is in the latest PUBG update now?

Update 13.1 is now available

PUBG Update 13.1 affects lots of new extensions to Taego, the label new map included in the last update. For beginners, the beginning of the game gets more serious with the carrier plane players climb in on having to make an impasse landing. This means one exciting parachute jump to kick things off.

Other updates to Taego introduce more new care package drops, which include resources, healing suppliers, throwables and lots and. This drop more often than regular care units, but they are still being lost, too.

The new Self AED technician has an improved spawn rate and can now be used in the secret room in Taego. There are different new additions, like pressure pickup, C4 and a Spike Trap. And the spawn rate of some throwables and other accessories has been lowered.

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Sanhok has also got a few important rooms in Update 13.1, including new walls and rocks, which give players some extra cover on the beach. The temple has been relocated, with some more shelter along the path leading to it.

As well as a map and spawn settings, updates come to evidence this time around, too. So be sure to read the application notes to see how your favourite hardware might have changed. For example, DMRs will be more challenging to use at long range.

New evidence also joins the game, the Buzzkill DMR, which can be seen in its new crime crate. And you can customize its skin with grades.

Other updates in 13.1 add a new spraying method, which is essentially holding the battleground with splash paint. As well as UI changes to the match events security and kill message increases.

Update 12.2 is now available

PUBG Updated 12.2 delivers a brand new 8×8 map to the game called Taego. It agrees to let players battle it out on different terrain and conditions. And is available to Solo and Teams, including 1-man Team Modes, and playable in TPP and FPP.

Taego has been some individual features connected to Erangel and Miramar. First of all. There are no Red Zone, so you won’t have to trouble about being attacked during a race. Taego also stars flocks of birds spread over the map that react to player action and gunfire, giving you extra information if an enemy squad is hiding nearby. Finally, Taego has two new gameplay technicians: Comeback BR and Self AED. Which give players a fortune to get back into the fight.

Comeback BR is a Taego particular second-chance worker that gives players. Who stop during the first Blue Zone phase another opportunity to drop back into the fight. Players will face off in a separate division called the Comeback Area, and if you begin victoriously you will rejoin the race in phase 3.

Self AED is a different Taego independent worker that again lets people get back into the game. The Self AED is a world loot part that lets you revive yourself when you are DBNO and can be done in Solo and Squad events.

Update 12.1 is now available

PUBG Update 12.1 is now available, and it is arguably one of the most significant updates the game has taken in a while.

First up is a rework of Miramar, the first map attached to PUBG post-launch. Miramar’s update features updated textures. And light, as well as a global map clean-up that makes it easier to see which states are traversable. Players have been arranging for Miramar to been developed for quite some time, so it is great to see one of the game’s new maps get some love.

A new agency, the speedy ATV, is also being attached to the reworked Miramar, giving some much-needed speed to traversal on this large 8×8 map.

The final extension to Miramar is the ruthlessly strong Lynx AMR armour-piercing sharpshooter rifle. This large weapon can slaughter weaker channels like bikes in a particular shot, and you can be sure it will also make short work of even old Level 3 helmets and armour. The disadvantages? The Lynx AMR can only be found in care packages and comes with just 5 balls with no access to reload.

If you love customization then the Weapon Surface grade system might be one for you to stay out of. This new system will enable players to progressively improve the appearance of their weapons, and trick them out with obvious stat tracking, animations, accessories and more.

Other updates incorporate recovered bots that really drop from the plane like normal players, a football/soccer minigame playable in the pre-game room, and a custom game modification that permits for vehicle races.

Update 11.2 is now available

Update 11.2 for PUBG is now available, and as we have come to demand, it brings a slew of changes to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Survivor Passes are no longer tied to terms, which should give the developer more flexibility into what awards it can include. Case in point, there’s a six-week contest where you can earn many pyjama party faces.

Miramar’s infamous game has got a tweak to stop it from appearing like you are driving down a road to hell. The game has been widened, more cover has been scored, and there are new catwalks to traverse across.

PUBG’s credit system has also been updated, to stop you from being come into nothing by enemy units, and there have been a sign of doing improvements to the game. Recoil when firing from the rider seat in a vehicle has been improved, too.

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