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Vigo Video App- Vigo Video is one of the best video sharing apps. Everyone created a short video of their creativity and upload it on their Vigo Video app. Everybody can earn money by creating short funny videos and sharing them crosswise social media platforms. Vigo Video had 1.5 million monthly active users right now and its popularity increase day by day. It is supported Android and IOS devices. If you are interested in how to make a short video and how to upload it on your Vigo Video app, read our article carefully. You understand all about it and you earn a lot of money.

Why Vigo Video Used?

Vigo video show-cases one’s expertise through video or music clips. Hence, Vigo Video is used for creating and directing videos then according to them for people’s views and comments. It can also be used to share daily recitals in funny music clips.

The main purpose why most maximum people are using this Vigo Video app is to get bonuses which include prizes and cash payouts. The youth, who are the majority of users are now earning Vigo Video a money-making enterprise. They have learned the art of getting as many flames as attainable which are changed to dollars. It is the main cause of income for some Indians.

Vigo Video App | vigo video online

Celebrities and social influencers are the biggest users and possessors of the Vigo Video app. To ernes gather a following, they use this app to share their best life moments applying the #tagyoureit objection. Popularity is what makes influencers important. If you are skilled, use this App to gain millions of followers and you will become an influencer.

Vigo Video Standout Features

Vigo Video With a 4.2/5 stars rating from over 800k reviews and 130+million down-loads, It has become a favourite video making app to many people around the world.

Since the launch of the latest version, every user has the full capacity to manage his best life moments and incorporate artificial components like rain to change the display features. During the launch, a lot of new features were combined to make videos engaging and deserving to watch.

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How To Use Vigo Video App?

let’s go to learn how to create a Vigo video.

Step 1: Down-load Video Video App

If you want to use Vigo Video App Firstly you have to down-load it from the play store or other marketplaces. Then installed it on your device.

Step 2: Create an account

When you will go to create an account, you can see at the top right corner is the registration/log in button. Click the registration button and sign up with your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, phone number or Gmail address.

Step 3 : Create and Upload videos

After registration, log in to your account. Enter your account you can see a video button at the bottom centre. When you tap the button, the video recording will be started immediately. After finished the video click the save. It will be saved.

How to Get Money From Vigo Video App

The amount of money you can earn from Vigo Video is circumscribed by the number of flames you get on shared videos. Every video uploaded is repaid after 24hours. However, not every video gets a prize. 1 flame reaches to $0.015 (1 Flame = $0.015).

There are many ways you can earn enough money from this Vigo Video App.

  1. The main way is by uploading original videos created directly from the app. Create an account, create videos and upload to get rewarded and earn money.
  2. You can further earn money on Vigo Video by presenting a quiz game.
  3. By referring to the Vigo Video app to friends, the reward of 20 parcent of your friend 10 days earnings. On the GO part of your account, click the flames button to get a referral link. Using the Invite Friend option, send the referral to as many friends as you want.

The number of video-making apps has largely improved over the past few years. Though, Vigo Video has especially emerged as the only one that rewards its users for uploading videos. For this purpose, it is one of the fastest rising rewarding video making apps.

But how does the Vigo Video app make income enough to pay its users? This is amongst the questions that have confused many people. And to date, it has endured a story to both its users and non-users.

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